About “Artificial Life Japan”

What is Artificial Life?

Artificial Life” is a research field that explores the essence of “life” by constructing a living system from scratch with the help of computers, and constructively studies the basic principles of life. The goal of Artificial Life is to understand what life is, and what it could be.

Artificial Life is a multi-disciplinary field that includes informatics, physics, biology, chemistry and social sciences. We explore all phenomenas that characterize life-like behavior, such as autonomy, evolution, consciousness, emergent systems, virtual organisms, open-ended innovation.

What is Artificial Life Japan (SIG-Alife)?

SIG-Alife is a type II academic society part of the Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence, which aims to promote and support the research of artificial life in Japan.

Our activities include the organization of academic seminars, promoting national and international networking of alife researchers, curating alife research, and organizing public outreach activities.

Although most of our activities take place in the Japanese language, we are happy to answer queries from interested people all over the world.


For inquiries, please contact alife-japan+owner@groups.io